How to make your skills’ assessment

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  • The actions: the steps to accomplish the task, to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Think about the very beginning of the action: did you have an innovative idea? did you have to sell it to your manager? or did you get instructions? Think about each step.
  • Your professional skills for each action: your knowledge of a specific field of work, processes, systems, products, regulations, methods, etc., including your knowledge of languages and computer programs. Your learning put into practice, either as a result of courses or training, or through colleagues or consultants.
  • Your personal skills for each action: analysis, synthesis, precision, communication, innovation, convincing, taking up a challenge, overcoming fear, etc.
  • Your social skills: communication, teamwork, conflict management, customer orientation, adaptability, ability to work with people from different cultures, etc.
  • What I do: this list should be about a dozen points…
  • What I like: this list will obviously be shorter than the previous one
  • Objective(s): this point may require detailed reflection for some, while perfectly clear for others. Do not look too far. What is your objective? What do you want to achieve in your work? It may be no more than simply wanting tangible results and recognition for the work done.
  • List of projects or tasks
  • List of actions for a project
  • Lists of professional and personal skills for each action
  • List of strengths and weaknesses
  • Examples
  • Objectives



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Melanie Blaser

Melanie Blaser

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