How to promote your experience and skills when you are a senior?

Photo: geralt on Pixabay
  • Your network, an important asset for a company
  • Your knowledge of the market, the environment, the business
  • Your experience in negotiation, recruitment; we all do it at some point in our career
  • Your knowledge of the psychology of others, respect for others and resistance to stress
  • You have experienced a wide variety of work situations, you are not going to rush to a project or idea without first taking a step back, which will avoid unnecessary costs
  • Your situation: family — no more need to stay home looking after children when they are sick, and financial — more stable, often with little or no outstanding mortgage debt
  • If you take a job at 55, you are going to stay there for 10 years, whereas a young person is likely to leave after a few years
  • A person with your experience is operational from the 1st day of work



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Melanie Blaser

Melanie Blaser

Translator | Author | Proofreader | Compensation & Benefits Manager