How to stay motivated when you are looking for a job?

Snowshoeing with my friend Sam in Switzerland
  • we have never run before
  • we are all alone
  • we drank too much energy drink before the start (real experience!)
  • we do not know the start and finish points
  • we can only see the trees and we might run into or the rocks that might make us fall
  • we stay in our pyjamas all day.
  • we train
  • we help each other
  • we know our strengths and weaknesses
  • we evaluate the limits of the constraints and influence zones
  • we know the finish point and we go there with joy and optimism
  • we build our path, day by day
  • we have the right gear and the right shoes
  • we keep up our motivation.
  • sports, arts, crafts
  • vocational or other training
  • courses on art or other subjects that interest you
  • books and articles to read
  • people to see
  • things you never had time to do when you were working
  • etc.



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Melanie Blaser

Melanie Blaser

Translator | Author | Proofreader | Compensation & Benefits Manager