Job search: My Testimonial and Advices

Job search — Photo: kalhh on Pixabay
  • how is the job offer written?
  • what do employers ask for?
  • what do they need?
  • For example an HR Manager became a translator in her company after obtaining a translation certificate.
  • Employees can become freelancers.
  • A recruiter told me on the phone that she liked my atypical career path, but I never heard from her afterwards, I can only assume that her colleagues could not have shared her opinion.
  • In some cases it may make it possible to have a permanent job
  • It also allows you to see in which sectors you are comfortable
  • Allows you to diversify your experiences
  • Allows you to have a holiday between two mandates
  • To broaden your network
  • To become familiar with different corporate cultures, management styles, working relationships and colleagues, etc.
  • To better understand what you want, what you are looking for… and what you do not want



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Melanie Blaser

Melanie Blaser

Translator | Author | Proofreader | Compensation & Benefits Manager